We have transistioned Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin's teaching videos to our new Vimeo On Demand page where all of her teachings can be rented or purchased at a lower price, either single episodes or whole series, and delivered efficiently to a variety of electronic devices.

In the meanwhile, we will be in the process of introducing new products to this online store. Items such as bibles, shofarim, tallitot and much more judaica for the enrichment of your spirit.

Thank you for visiting and may the Elohim of Israel be with you.


    Bookmark of Enlightenment
    Bookmark of Enlightenment

    This is a unique embossed bookmark printed on heavy card stock with gold leaf lettering front and back. It folds open to depict the Tree of Life on the front side, and on the back is the anointed Prayer of Enlightenment written by Rabbi Haddasah.